My Favourite Past time

I have never been one to sew, only hand knit and Cross Stitch, you know, things that I can make whilst I watch TV in the evenings.
But a few years ago, when my dear mother passed, I became the proud owner of her Compulock sewing machine, her knitting machine and a multitude of  plastic crates of wool, material, ribbons even a container of zips!
Mum was always on her machine making things, she made nearly all of her grandchildren quilts. She even made my wedding dress in 1980.
I was asked to attempt to make a quilt for my new niece, that mum had not had chance to make.
Never making one before, I was a bit overwhelmed, so my sister bought me a book on quilting.
This is how it turned out
I was quite pleased with it and my brother was thrilled! :)
I found it easier than I thought with most of the templates already cut out (in a container) and I assumed that mum had cut these out for the quilt.
A few months later, as we were sorting out mum's things, we found a camera with a film in it.
When we got the photos back, I was so shocked to find this photo.
We had never seen this quilt before and had no idea who she made it for.
Mum was always superstitious, maybe she helped me after all!


  1. Oh wow, a Sun Bonnet Sue! A very traditional pattern. My Grandmother used to make these and she also embroidered Sue blocks as well. The boy version is called Sun Bonnet Sam, I believe. Very cute, and I can't believe the very strange coincidence with the quilts. That is really neat! I can imagine your surprise when you saw the photos.


    PS, Sewing mends the soul.

  2. Yes Janelle, REALLY SURPRISED! You know, that butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling!